"Pro Salsa Dance Teacher Guarantees That You
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His Step By Step System That Can Teach Even
The "Average Joe" How To Become A
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Evan Margolin
Salsa Teacher

World Renown
Salsa Teacher
Evan Margolin

Dear Friend,

Have you ever watched two people Salsa Dancing? Isn't it simply mesmerizing? Doesn't it seem like the single most magical, fun, and liberating experience?

Ever wished you could just walk into a dance club, look across the dance floor and spot a great dancer, or even simply an attractive man or woman, and have the confidence in yourself, and your dancing, to approach them?

Picture yourself, able to walk over with confidence, sweep him or her off their feet with amazing salsa dance moves, and leave them speechless for the rest of the night?

If you have ever dreamed of learning how to Salsa Dance the easy way keep reading because I have a guaranteed way for you to learn within 30 days... easily surpassing all those around you!

My name is Evan Margolin and I own one of the most popular and largest salsa dance schools in the United States teaching anywhere from 50-200 couples each and every week how to salsa dance. I have traveled across the world to salsa dance and I have taught well over 10,000 people how to dance with elegance and style.  Yes, 10,000 people!

After teaching for over 10 years and studying salsa, I have become known across the world for teaching the art, and passion, of a great salsa dance.

"Salsa Dancing Is My Passion And My Students Say I Have
Changed Their Lives In Many ways, And Now Its Your Turn!"

The confidence that comes with salsa dancing is truly amazing! Having the skills to salsa dance is like knowing you can walk up to any man or woman and ask them to dance with confidence, and knowing the answer will be YES!

"When You Go Through My Dance System You Will Be Able To Dance In A Graceful And Sensual Way With Your Partner That Will Leave Them Speechless Even If Your A Complete Beginner!"

As a single man or woman - social dance is as close to a magic pill as has ever been created or dreamt of.  You'll meet endless people, and never again be lonely, or unable to meet people at your slightest whim.

But, socially speaking, what can learning how to salsa dance do for a couple?

Salsa dancing can bring tons of passion into your relationship, and indeed, rekindle a relationship that may have lost its spark.

If you've ever wished you could...

  • Learn Salsa dance from a world renown teacher?
  • Have the confidence to dance with any man or woman and look great doing it?
  • Turn your two left feet into well performing dance tools?
  • Learn step by step how to dance the salsa from your home?

    "After countless years of teaching, people have always asked me if there was a way they could learn to salsa dance from home? I always knew it would be great if I could produce a step by step DVD series for people to learn how to salsa dance from home. And guess what..."

After 10 years of teaching in a class room I have decided to build an amazing at home step by step easy to use DVD series that will teach even the "average joe" how to salsa dance in record time!  No experience necessary - in fact, it's fine if you've never danced a step in your entire life.  This system is tailor-made for you.

With over a year in production, and countless money invested I have created the ultimate system that will teach you how to salsa dance in 30 days or less...in fact, you'll be dancing in the first 30 minutes!

Introducing The Learn To Dance Salsa 3 Part DVD Series

Volume 1: Beginners Series
A Beginners Guide to Salsa Dancing! Volume 1

2 Hours of the finest Salsa Dance Instruction available. Perfect for the absolute beginner, and no dance experience is necessary! It's a wonderful gift, this DVD will get you, and everyone you know, started in Salsa Dance.

Look At The Preview Above For A Sneak Peak!

Volume 1 is the beginners series and a must have for aspiring dancers. Our salsa dance instructional Video and Dance Lessons are for absolute beginners. Learn to move in minutes and be out on the floor in record time. A video for anyone & everyone! We cover every aspects of what Salsa is all about.

Includes great moves and ladies styling tips that will get you noticed. A full 2 hours of stellar dance instruction you can use tonight. This professional DVD will inspire you to get moving!

Volume 2: Beginners Series!

A Beginners Guide to Salsa Dancing! Volume 2

Continuing in our beginner series, this DVD will add on fundamental concepts for beginning dancers, as well as some fun patterns to really get you started with all the basic turns. Fun and social - this DVD is crucial in the beginner's dancer's learning process, and again, is a full 2 hours of detailed instruction.

Unique Close Up Of The Footwork
With Each Move Makes Learning So
Much Easier!


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Continue learning the secrets of Salsa Dancing!

In this video here are a few things you will learn:

  • The inside turn, hammerlock, cross hand hold, cross body lead, and much more . . .
  • Nearly 2 hours of fantastic new patterns.
  • Faster pace, breakdown, music, and fantastic content!
  • Filled with advice, tips, and key lessons!
  • All patterns and steps demonstrated with music!

Will take your salsa dancing to the next level . . .

More Etiquette for Level 2 Beginners - that's entirely invaluable to your success.

In this DVD you will really start to learn the moves that will turn you into a fantastic salsa dancer!

Volume 3: Beginners Series!

A Beginners Guide to Salsa Dancing! Volume 3

The final volume in our 3 volume beginners set, this introduces some more difficult patterns, and goes into depth on connection and grounding for dancing at an intermediate level. Fun and challenging - this video will keep you busy for quite some time!

This will take you to the next level and really unleash your new salsa dance talent!

You Will Learn Some Special Sexy
Hip Techniques..


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Continue learning the secrets of Salsa Dancing!

In this video here are a few things you will learn:

  • Cross Body Lead Inside Turns, Spins, intricate patterns and tricks - good training!
  • Designed to truly prepare you to become intermediate salsa dancers!
  • Great content, fully ready for the clubs!
  • Everything taught is lead-able and follow-able!
  • Learn some fantastic "shines"
  • Important secrets of leading and following revealed!
  • All patterns and steps demonstrated with music!
  • Techniques normally reserved for private lessons.
  • The concept of connection, detailed and explained.

And so much more!

"This 3 Part DVD Series Has Become The Best And Most Popular DVD Course For Salsa Dancing Available Anywhere in the World!"

Look How We Appeared On TV
In Over 40 Million Homes (yes, 40 million)!

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"Don't Take Our Word For It Just Look At These
Amazing Testimonials From Only A Hand
Full Of Our Thousands Of Happy Customers"

Wow Those DVD's Are Awesome
And Evan Is An Amazing Teacher!

The DVD series is the best i have ever bought, it is better than the others cause it shows every step and really breaks it down. it also helps that evan is such a good teacher, he was born to teach.

Marcus Mckeever

I Love The Fact That If I Miss Something I Can Go Back And Watch It Over And Over Again

I want to thank you very much for making this DVD I met a woman who loves to dance salsa and I never danced in my life.

I went to many dance instructors, and literally spent thousands. Much to my surprise, I found out that EVERY Instructor I found, and used DID NOT KNOW HOW TO TEACH!!!!!! AT 60 DOLLARS PER HOUR!!!

I recently got engaged, and I KNOW with your DVD I'll be dancing salsa at my wedding.

I also want to say that out of all these so called dance instructors, not one guaranteed me ANYTHING.

I love the fact that if I miss something or misunderstand something that I can go back and watch over and over again especially with the little box, at the bottom of the screen with a close up of the dancers feet, or topic at hand. Anyone truly can learn with this video!!!!

Joseph Turrano

We're Learning Great Moves And Sequences While Having A Great Time

My wife and I are beginner salsa dancers. Although we have taken several lessons I've found the 3 beginner videos very helpful with concise,in-depth and easy to follow instruction.Were learning great moves and sequences and having a ball.

David Brunsen

"These Are Ordinary People Just
Like You... Average Guys And Gals"

"You Get Over 6 Hours Of Salsa Instructions
Into A 3 Part DVD Series For Less Than The
Cost Of One Private Lesson
From Me!"

I want to offer you the completes beginner package for a ridiculously low price of $97. You will get the 3 DVD's which are packed with the guaranteed system to go from beginning salsa dancer to a sleek and sexy dancer within 30 days!

This Package Is Available To You For A
Very Limited Time! Only $97

But That's Not All...

I Guarantee Your Success With This System
With My No Questions Asked 90 Day Money Back Guarantee!

Click On The Play Button To Hear My Guarantee!

Start Learning Salsa Dance Now And Change Your Life!
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YES! Evan I want to start learning the salsa dance and sweep any man or woman off their feet as you teach me the most amazing easy to follow step by step salsa moves...

I understand I receive...

  • The 3 beginners DVD set

  • 90 day money back guarantee

The total package is at a cost of $97

I have nothing to lose and so much to gain by giving your program a try. If this package doesn't turn me into a great salsa dancer I understand that I have 90 days to put it to test and if I am not satisfied ask for a refund.

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P.S. Try it for 90 days and I guarantee you will be on the fast track to learning some of the hottest and sexiest salsa dance moves ever! If your not happy within the 90 days I don't want your money... It really doesn't get better than this!

P.P.S. Still skeptical? I completely understand. You probably don't know me, and you're not sure if this is what you're looking for. But listen you get 3 DVD's full of professional dance lessons from a master salsa dancer and your success is guaranteed so take action now if you want to be able to learn the salsa from your living room! CLICK HERE now and get your copy today!


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